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The Sake World Home Page Acknowledged sake expert and Tokyo resident John Gauntner introduces you to the world of Nihonshu at his Sake-World website. John writes "Nihonshu," a semi-monthly column on sake for The Japan Times, Japans most widely-read English-language daily newspaper. He also publishes.
Sake Sets! Sake To You! Welcome to the world of Sake at "Sake To You!" Here you will find almost anything you've ever wanted to know about Sake, from its history, to how it is made, and even tips and tradition on drinking sake. This site has been dedicated to all Sake drinkers both connoisseurs and novices around the world.


In the rich and fertile land of Ise, the alcoholic beverages wholesaler Isaka Shoten is helping to forward Japanese culture by bringing together the best brands of sake from around the country, by establishing the Taen Museum of Modern Art, and by publishing "Suihitsu", a magazine related to sake and culture.
The Joy of Sake Over the last ten years a curious phenomenon has been noted at restaurants and watering holes across the U.S. while peoplle are drinking less beer, wine, and spirits, Americns' consumption of sake has been growing at a steady pace.
Media-Akita Information/history of sake brewing in Akita, Japan
How to Homebrrew Sake Homebrew Sake is very easy to brew using your simple cooking tools and you can enjoy Sake taste.
An Introduction to Sake Sake is my favorite memory of Estrella War VII. My first war and my first major Society event, I found myself on a late Friday evening in the Bucellarii encampment, wearing the silk kimono top and black gi pants I had scrounged up for my first garb and sampling my first cup of Sir Yaroslav's sake.
BRATKUN'S ISHIKAWA-TOYAMA SAKE PAGE Welcome to my Ishikawa-Toyama Sake Page. For lovers of the Japanese Rice Wine, Bratkun's Sake page will introduce you to the beauty of Ninhokai's (Japan Sea side) Sake.
Useful Japanese Glossary for Sake Drinkers! Well, some of you may have the chance to drink in a Japanese rub-a-dub (known as the izakaya in Japan). 'Cos I wanna make sure you 'ave as good a time as is poss, I used me loaf and came up with this glossary.
The Sake of Tosa The traditional Japanese architecture of Tsukasabotan Sake Brewery.Ask any Japanese or foreigner who has visited Kochi Prefecture to sum up their experience in a word, and they are likely to say "sake", Japanese rice wine. Kochi has been synonymous with sake brewing since the 1600's.
The Brew Store Our company's newest innovation will revolutionize the sake industry! 
The Brew Store has been involved in the microbrewing industry since the grand opening of our first Brew-On-Premise facility in 1990. We designed our own equipment for that BOP, developing a package that would take up less space than typical brewing systems while producing limitless varieties of exceptional beer.
You have only to pour iichiko into your glass.Then you will enjoy its pure taste.Put a big ice cubes in a rock grass and pour iichiko. Please enjoy iichiko's refreshing flavor.
In the mild climate of beautiful Seto Inland Sea, Yukisuzume" SAKE is made from selected rice and water with the special skill of SAKE makers, called TOJI.

Sake Home Page of Izumibashi

Izumibashi is a Sake brewery in Japan, which is located about 40km south of Tokyo and 20km west of Yokohama. It was founded in 1857, and has kept brewing ever since, except for 14 years before and after World War II.

Hakushika Sake U.S.A. Corporation

SINCE 1662 the finest quality of sake has been produced by the Tatsuuma family in Nishinomiya, Japan. Today, we are brewing with water from the Rocky Mountains.
Sun Masamune Home Page
Genuine Australian sake. Japanese perfection. State-of-the-art technology.
Any traveller worth his mettle should sample the local food and drink. If you're in France, you try the local wines, in Holland the cheeses, in Russia the vodka. In Japan your visit won't be complete without stopping by at an "izakaya" (local sake bar) to try the best sake in the world.
Hakusan Sake Gardens
Located in the Napa Valley, California's premium wine region, situated on 22 acres, surrounded by beautiful Japanese Gardens, the Kohnan facility is the realization of its founder's dream.
Wakatakeya Sake Brewery "Ikkon-Itie"

What do you think the most important element of taste SAKE?
Water? Materials? The artisan spirit? or Anything else?
I think that it is decided by the person who you drink with.
一献一会 Ikkon-Itie" One drink makes us come across.